Let’s work together to create your perfect itinerary

When we plan your itinerary, we learn exactly what you like and provide suggestions to match your needs.


Phil will assess your level of English and learn about your requirements and goals. He will then create a study plan based on the areas you are interested in or your career objectives.


You will receive a personalised itinerary including excursions and when you are happy with the plan, we make your bookings.


Every programme is tailored to our client’s wishes and we ensure that your trip will be rewarding in every aspect.

Free consultation


There are two guaranteed ways to rapidly improve your English.


1. Take one-to-one classes with an experienced, native tutor. You will receive your tutor’s undivided attention and classes are specifically designed for you. We will learn what your interests are and build classes around subjects that you love.


2. Immerse yourself in the language. By regularly practising the language you have learnt, you build a greater understanding of how it works and as a result, greater confidence in using it.


Have the best of both worlds in our Explore London and 24/7 packages. Enjoy tuition that is personally designed for your interests and needs. Afterwards, take excursions with your tutor, using your new skills in an exciting real life environment.


London’s accommodation is varied and there is everything from elegant business hotels to modern boutique hotels. You can choose to stay in a city penthouse holiday home, a family house with a traditional English garden or even a converted super-yacht.


Where you want to stay is very much about personal taste so we ask that you make your accommodation bookings directly. However, we are happy to provide suggestions and advise you on which location is most suitable for you.


Being a cultural centre, London has an incredible number of major exhibitions, festivals and events taking place every week.


Visit the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, wander around the award winning Victoria and Albert Museum or walk the streets of Shoreditch in search of the latest graffiti masterpieces. Watch a thrilling Premier League match or a Shakespeare play in Regents Park or let us find you something a little bit different.

Eating and drinking

London has an incredible choice of food from around the world. There is everything from Brazilian to Bangladeshi cuisine and if you have a strong stomach, you can visit a restaurant with insects on the menu! Sample a huge variety of international cuisines on offer or if you want to live like a Londoner, you can eat tasty fish and chips. The best fish and chips in London, of course.


If you’d like a drink too, there are many choices. Drink healthy superfood juices while seeing the city, have a rest and sip a pint of lager in a traditional cosy pub. Maybe you’d like something more stylish – let’s visit one of Mayfair’s luxury bars for cocktails!


Of course London is special but there is also much more to do in the UK. There are beautiful forests, little English villages, the stunning Lake District and yes, we even have sandy beaches! We can arrange your trips, transport and even accompany you to see the beautiful sights and the hidden spots outside the capital.