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Alexandra Bondarenko
Alexandra Bondarenko
I can recommend Phil’s classes to anyone! I came to Phil having a good level of English , but I struggled with typical grammar mistakes and incorrect pronunciation. That’s why I needed not just a teacher, but a language professional who can help me to correct my old habits. I have made huge progress in my English speaking skills since I began classes with Phil about 6 months ago. I achieved my target, and now I often get compliments from friends and colleagues about my English. Huge thanks to Phil for finding an individual approach to teaching me and for being such a kind person!
Dimitrios Fotopoulos
Dimitrios Fotopoulos
Practising English with Phil is at the same time fun and educational -a humorous all-rounder , an in-depth movie buff , a great listener and a great Tutor . Feedback is provided at the end of each session highlighting areas of weakness . Highly recommended !
Vadim Kaiumov
Vadim Kaiumov
I'm working with Phil in my English-speaking skills and I'm very delighted to provide the feedback on his excellent support and English teaching. First, I need to say that I've not expected the level of progress which so pleasantly caught me by surprise after about 8 months of working with Phil. I met Phil on his hilarious Instagram page and decided to take classes with him in the advanced English group. It turns out that these are not at all typical English classes! Phil is so creative in designing engaging topics and carefully selecting video and audio content, so the lessons are always fun with a great emphasis on the speaking and on the language use. I’ve been working with Phil in the group and in one-to-one classes as well. On the individual classes Phil creates very comfortable environment to motivate speaking practice, carefully guiding and pointing me towards my needed improvement points. And I have to say it again, I never felt being on the class there – no, I was just enjoying discussion on the variety of interesting topics ranging from of emotional wellbeing to modern architecture and football matches. And with all the enjoyemnt of the process, I've missed that tipping point and all the sudden just realized myself talking much more fluently and confidently in English! Many thanks, Phil!
Pablo Corbal
Pablo Corbal
I had online lessons with Phil for over two months as I had to prepare for some official exams. I have a good level of English, so it was hard for me to find a teacher that would cater for my needs and adapt to what I needed at this stage. After a meeting session, Phil understood perfectly what I needed and from lesson one, we worked on the areas where there was more room for improvement. Besides what is expected from a good teacher (punctuality, good connection and audio/sound quality, a prepared lesson plan, etc.) Phil absolutely knew what was necessary in order for me to continue improving and adapted the lessons to my way of learning, something that he was able to do due to his very obvious expertise in teaching English to different levels. For all this reasons, to which I would add that the lessons were not only extremely useful but also very engaging, I would honestly recommend Phil as an English tutor.
María Florencia de la Vega
María Florencia de la Vega
I had ten individual lessons with Phil. He is very professional and takes the time to teach without pressure. He helped me with my pronunciation and to gain confidence in English Best tutor I’ve ever had I’d truly recommend him
carlos domingos
carlos domingos
Phil Hatcher was one of the great discoveries I made in London. In 2016, I started in-person classes with Phil and when I returned to Brazil in 2017 I continued classes via Facetime. Phil is a born teacher: he explains clearly, has an efficient teaching method and the ability to engage the student in topics of interest. Our classes have become stimulating moments for brainstorming, reflection and growth. I am very grateful to him for the teachings and recommend Phil to anyone interested in expanding their English language skills.
Lukáš Smetana
Lukáš Smetana
I had an opportunity to be one of Phil's students during my 6 months internship in Alfresco where he teaches a small group every week. These group lessons were well suited to everyone's level of English. Phil was always prepared to offer more formal, grammar-focused lesson or relaxed talking ones with a focus on improving everyone's accent and providing interesting topics. I especially appreciated his class on public speaking in English. He gave me great tools and hints on how to approach the whole process of giving a great presentation from preparation to speaking techniques which I went on to use soon after when speaking to 150 people. I've had many English teachers but I've never felt so good and relaxed during the lesson as with Phil. Thanks to his friendly and also very professional approch you will love his lessons as well as I did!
Giorgio Martino
Giorgio Martino
Phil isn't just a standard teacher. Every class is incredibly interesting and different from the previous one. I really enjoyed learning with him as he guides you to find your own mistakes, teaches you about pronunciation and, what I personally liked the most, proper British expressions ("Bob's your uncle" is my favourite one). I would recommend Phil to everyone. Whatever you need to learn, he will find a nice way to teach you!

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