Olga, Businesswoman, Russia

‘I’d dedicated much time to learning English before I came to the UK 3 years ago and I can say that Phil was one of my best English teachers.


I had quite a good level when we started our lessons, but my language was a bit out of date and my speaking skills were far from perfect. I had to think about the structure before saying anything and I felt embarrassed about making mistakes. Phil changed that all.


Our lessons were a clever combination of studying a course book from which Phil picked the lessons and exercises which would be useful to me, and vivid conversations. He chose the topics which encouraged me to express my opinion and involved me naturally in an interesting discussion, and I must say Phil is a kind of person you want to share your ideas with – quite often I just forgot that it was a lesson!


He didn’t ignore my mistakes, though. He did not correct every other word I said which could be really discouraging but drew my attention to them at the right moment making me memorise the most common mistakes I made and worked on them. All I can say is thanks to Phil, I really improved my English!’

Anja, Norway

‘When my husband’s work required our family to relocate to the UK, Phil taught our two children and me for our first six months here.


Phil prepared my children for the Cambridge PET and First Certificate exams which they both passed with excellent grades, with my son scoring 186 out of 190.


My level was Upper-Intermediate when I arrived but I didn’t feel comfortable talking. I have a passion for interior design so Phil created classes about this subject. I found the classes incredibly enjoyable and within a short time I felt much more at ease speaking English. As a result, I am now studying to be an Interior Designer and would highly recommend Phil to anyone looking for a high quality teacher.’

Samuel, Engineer, Italy

‘I started with a basic understanding of English but wanted to learn the language so that I could eventually work in London.
Classes with Phil were interesting and he was very encouraging. I love travelling and photography and found out that Phil does too. We visited places like Big Ben and the South Bank but Phil also knows many other places to take nice photos. Talking all day really helped me to become comfortable speaking English and gave me the confidence to apply for a job.
I have now been working in London for eight months now and am very happy that I studied with Phil.’

Lefteris, Graphic Designer, Greece

‘As a Graphic Designer wanting to work in London, it was important to know how to speak to clients correctly. Phil taught me in a relaxed atmosphere and knew exactly how to help me with the things I needed. We worked on all the language skills and then specifically on presentations, networking and meetings.


I also really liked that Phil knew lots about London. We went to some great restaurants that he recommended and I felt I learnt so much more than if I sat in a classroom all day. He encouraged me to have conversations throughout the day and this really helped build my confidence.


This was a unique way of learning and I never imagined it could be so much fun!’

Fernanda - Artist, Brazil

‘I decided to take classes with Phil after observing my husband’s English improve enormously while he was studying with him.


To my surprise, it was a unique way of learning. Each class was tailored to my interests. For the first time I was learning English skills while studying subjects I am passionate about.


I am an artist and Phil would bring articles about current exhibitions, art history and texts on my favourite artists. The icing on the cake was visiting museums and galleries with him and putting everything I had learnt into practice. My friends and I noticed my pronunciation and fluency improved greatly.


Phil is really experienced, knows London like a true Londoner and I feel fortunate to have studied with him.’